Hello my pretties. Check out this super easy tutorial on how to make this super easy meringue buttercream. I love swiss or Italian meringue buttercream over american buttercream because it's less sweet and super smooth but because of the butter it makes it a great candidate for piping, frosting and filling cakes and cupcakes because it will hold it's shape and remain firm while cold. This makes it great for stacked or wedding cakes. This buttercream can be flavored or died whichever color you want and it is a cream to pipe. Check out the video for the step by step instructions. Hope you enjoy!

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INGREDIENTS 1 Cup of water 1/2 cup of meringue powder 1 lb of butter 3 cups of powdered sugar 2 tbsp of vanilla extract

-Make sure ingredients are at room temperature -Mix water and meringue powder until it becomes frothy -Add sugar and continue mixing on medium speed until it forms stiff peaks -Add butter a little at a time and mix until well combined and icing stays on a spatula tilted upside down -Switch to paddle attachment until icing becomes smooth -Add vanilla extract and mix on high until icing becomes light and fluffy -Enjoy!

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