Hello my pretties. Check out this super easy tutorial on how to make a Haitian cake from scratch. While the rest of the world celebrated new year yesterday, Haiti celebrated 214 years of independance as well. Now some of you guys do know me personally but for those of you who don't, I am Haitian and in this video I will try tip share a bit of my culture with you through cake. Check out the video for the step by step instructions. Hope you enjoy!

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INGREDIENTS: CAKE 9 oz of flour 9 oz of sugar 1.5 tsp of baking powder 1 can of evaporated milk 2 sticks of cinnamon 1 tbs of grated nutmeg 1 lemon or lime zest 2 sticks of butter 3 eggs (separate whites and yolks) 1 tbs of vanilla extract 1 tbs of noyau (almond) extract 1 tbs of Haitian rum 1 tbs of butter extract

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